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The IMA BFB 3786 is an automatic soap bundling machine for cartoned or wrapped soaps with heat-sealable film (PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene) from reel.
The transport system combined with the precision of each phase of the production cycle allows to achieve high levels of efficiency with soaps that are difficult to handle or difficult to manage. Collating individual soap or group of soaps into bundles.
The production speed depends on the specification and quality of the wrapping material and product to be wrapped.

The IMA BFB 3786 soapbundler is complete with:
  • Mechanical device for bundling one, two or three layers.
  • In-line infeed belt conveyor
  • Mechanical stacking device for bundles of 1, 2 or 3 layers consisting of:
  • elevator plate to lift up the required number of soaps
  • layer separators
  • Bundle pusher with special profiled motion for high speed operation
  • Sealing station for the transversal seal
  • Side Teflon belt conveyors for sealing with independent motion
  • Operator guards with safety interlocks

  • Soap Wrapping speed: up to 50 soaps per minute
  • Soap Bundle Length range: from 60 to 300 mm
  • Soap Bundle Width range: from 65 to 250 mm
  • Soap Bundle Thickness range: from 25 to 150 mm


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