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The soap wrapping machine ACMA 781 has been designed for simple wrapping of rectangular soaps of small and medium dimensions, The machine works with unsupported and compound plastic materials as well as with coated foils, taken from reel.
There are two reel supports. It is possible to substitute one reel holder with an additional device which applies a tear tape. When the packaging material is printed with centering spots, a photocell controls its feeding.
A typical example of application is the wrapping of laundry soap bars with PP or similar material.
The laundry soap bars are pushed onto the continuously running infeed belt and are carried forward onto an elevator plate where they receive the cut foil.
Product infeed of wrapping material from reel and cutting of wrapping material photocell print registration device
During the upward movement of the elevator plate, the blank is partially put around the soap. During the subsequent horizontal forwarding of the soap bars, the wrap is completed on the bottom side and moving and stationary folding elements fold in the head sides,
As to the kind of material, the bottom and head sides are heat-sealed or welded. During this
action, the soap bars are carried on in the compression unit which consists of two vertical belts and a plastic bottom belt.
The heating and cooling plates are placed within the compression belts.
Three thermostats are regulated in such a way that a constant welding temperature can be maintained.

  • Soap Wrapping speed: up to 130 soaps per minute
  • Soap Length range: from 60 to 145 mm
  • Soap Width range: from 35 to 75 mm
  • Soap Thickness range: from 25 to 70 mm


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