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Second-hand Soap Finishing Lines for sale in Working Conditions

The Mixer is usually the first machine of a soap finishing line. The main purpose of a soap mixer, is to amalgamate the soap noodles with colorant, fragrance, solid / liquid additives and fillers.

The three roll mill is used in soap manufacturing to refine the soap. The mainly strength of a roll mill is the ability to destroy the dry specks inside the vegetables soap noodles.

Simplex plodder is used in soap manufacturing to refine the soap, if assembles the pelletizing head. It is also used to extrude soap bar, if at the end of the plodder an extrusion cone is assembled.

A duplex vacuum plodder is composed by 2 single simplex plodders connected by means of a vacuum chamber. The first plodder is called soap refining stage thanks to the drilled plate with blade, while the second plodder is called soap extrusion stage, for the presence of an extrusion cone assembled at the end of the machine. 

Soap cutter is installed after a Plodder to cut the continuously extruded soap bars in billets with the required length.

Soap Press is installed after a soap cutting machine to stamp the cut soap bars, with different shapes, dimensions and weights. Depending by the model, a soap press can produce banded and bandless soap bars.

In soap industry many types of soap packaging are used, depending by the final look of the packed soap. Soap Wrappers, Soap Cartooning Machines, Soap Flow Pack, Pleat Wrappers and Stretch Film Wrappers are the most common machines.

Overwappers and Bundling Machines are used by soap manufacturers to produce multipacks of wrapped or cartoner soap bars in different bundle configurations. The bundling machines use cellophane, PVC, BOPP PP and other types of heatsealable films from reels. 

These soap machines are used in laboratories of soap factories or in small artisan workshops.
The soap produced on this line can be used for laboratory tests to check the soap performance and quantities of soap samples.

Various Machines and Equipments


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